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Meet the Capital City Dog & Kitty Pet Care crew!  Together, we provide a personalized experience with loving care.


Molly Baker


I've loved animals and nature since I was a little girl.  Our house was always full of pets from cats to hamsters and gerbils to a rabbit and a turtle.  The neighbor's dog was like my own. My parents taught me love of animals growing up, and it wasn't uncommon to find us feeding a stray or trying to help an injured wild animal.  As an adult, all my pets were either strays or rescued from an animal shelter.  I wanted to do something I enjoy, and after pet sitting my friends pets, Aaron and I started Capital City Dog & Kitty Pet Care.  ​


Aaron Shineflew

I've had a long time love of animals.  The idea of combining my active lifestyle with my love of pets seemed like a natural choice.  It is so gratifying to see how happy the pets are when I show up for a visit.  The bonds I have made with them are rewarding.


The official "mascot" of Capital City Dog & Kitty, Tux came into our lives as a 4-month old kitten from a local animal shelter.  Tux entertains us by jumping for his rattle mice and scaling his cat tree. In his down time, he can be found in front of the heat vent in the winter or on his mama's lap.

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